Daigotsu Ryudo 
Daigotsu Ryudo 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Shireikan

Daigotsu Ryudo was samurai who joined the Spider Clan after its formation. Among the Spider he was known as a paragon of Shourido, the Dark Strength. [1]

Shireikan Edit

Ryudo was posted as a Shireikan in the Ruined City and looked after all matters of security and supply acquisition. Due to the protection from his patron, the Shadow Dragon, Ryudo remained untainted. Since he remained pure, Daigotsu trusted Ryudo to act without the occasional violent urges that the Taint would bring. [2] [3]

Celestial Tournament Edit

He was part of the Spider delegation to the Celestial Tournament and was among the first to inform Daigotsu of the results. At the time it was recognized that he was not tainted and that he and untainted others thus served the Spider willingly. [4] Ryudo returned with Daigotsu Usharo to Black Silk Castle, and Daigotsu was notified of the Empress' decision to outlaw and purge the Spider. [5]

Sparrow Infiltration Edit

Ryudo was one of the Spider agents infiltrating the Sparrow Clan under the assumed name "Suzume Tatsu". He lived the life of a humble Sparrow samurai for decades, cut off from his true clan. Tatsu was visited by Daigotsu Susaiken, who resumed the communications. [6] In 1199, Ryudo and many of the other infiltrators, disillusioned with the Spider Clan, were asked by Daigotsu Makishi to aid him in killing the Sparrow Clan Champion, Suzume Ryosuke, thereby gaining complete control of the clan. Instead, Ryudo led a group of infiltrators, who had become loyal to the Sparrow, against Makishi's assassins, saving Ryosuke and allowing him to escape with a message to Empress Iweko at Toshi Ranbo. Ryudo explained to Ryosuke that most of the surviving Spiders, all of whom had learned first-hand the hardships that the Sparrow faced, had gained much respect for the Sparrow and their concept of honorable poverty. Indeed, many of them considered themselves to be at least as much a part of the Sparrow Clan as they were the Spider Clan. [7]

Sparrow Loyalist Edit

Tatsu was appointed as captain of Ryosuke's honor guard, and his personal yojimbo. He was betrothed to a Sparrow and joined the Suzume as commanded by the Empress. [7]

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A misprint on the Daigotsu Ryudo and Daigotsu Sahara cards caused the names to be switched. On reference [2] above, Shawn Carman notes that he was looking at the wrong card when writing [1]. The mix-up also occurred in the fiction "The War of Dark Fire, Part 1", where Ryudo's name was given, but meant was the duelist. Due to the story of Sahara as a low-level infiltrator, it needs to be Ryudo who was at the Celestial Tournament. Ryudo has been recently revealed as another inflitrator in the Sparrow clan, clearly different from "Suzume" Sahara...

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