Daigotsu Murota

Daigotsu Murota

Daigotsu Murota was a tainted bushi of the Spider Clan. Among the Spider he was known as a paragon of Shourido, the Dark Stalker.

Spider Edit

In 1170 Murota had to flee from the Shinomen Forest, where he lived in the Black Silk Castle. The recently ascended Empress Iweko I had sent the Shogunate forces against them, and Daigotsu ordered to burn the castle and the Shinomen to cover their escape. [1]

Iweko's Conqueror Edit

In 1173 after the end of the Destroyer War Iweko elevated the Spider as a Great Clan, but their tainted members began the Spider's exodus to the Ivory Kingdoms, where they would claim their lands in the name of the Empire, becoming one of the Iweko's Conquerors. [1]

War of Serpents Edit

For years Murota was patrolling the jungle near the colonies without incidents. In 1198 alongside Daigotsu Nizaru, Yamazaki and other Spider investigated a temple which had appeared from nowhere. They were attacked by Dark Naga. Murota and Yamazaki were the only ones left. [1]

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