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Daigotsu Mizushai

Daigotsu Mizushai

Mizushai, the Mist of the Black Finger River, was a malevolent ghost who haunted the Black Finger River. Mizushai was neither male or female, merely an indistinct cloud that occasionally took monstrous forms. He came to sever the Dark Lord as Daigotsu Mizushai. [1]

Serving Daigotsu Edit

In the 12th century Mizushai was drawn by Daigotsu's connection to Fu Leng, eager to serve his disciple. As Daigotsu Mizushai the spirit had became more lucid, and had a vast knowledge about the terrain and history of the Shadowlands. It knows of places no one else has seen, of creatures that no one has survived. Daigotsu theorized that Mizushai was a powerful corrupted kami, that had existed before the Fall of the Kami. [1]

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