Daigotsu Meguro

Daigotsu Meguro

Daigotsu Meguro was a Lost bushi who joined the Spider Clan following its formation by Daigotsu.

Samurai Ways Edit

Albeit tainted, Meguro was known to follow the samurai's code of Honor; and was even known to have prayed to the Fortunes. [1]

Bloodspeakers Edit

Daigotsu Meguro 2

Daigotsu Meguro

Meguro hated Iuchiban and his Bloodspeakers. It was unknown if this hatred was because many of his friends and family had perished to Iuchiban, or because he thought that the Bloodspeaker was denying his master Daigotsu his rightful throne in the City of the Lost. [2] [1] Meguro killed Iuchiban's followers with jade arrows. [3]

Journals of Kuni Nakanu Edit

In 1165, Meguro obtained a copy of the Journals of Kuni Nakanu, when the monk Yozo convinced Moto Latomu that Daigotsu might be the only one to have the knowledge necessary to understand it in time to stop Iuchiban. Meguro gave his word that he would return and tell Latomu what they had learned. [2] Latomu received information from the journals that led to the destruction to so many of the Bloodspeakers' hidden camps. [4]

War in the Shadowlands Edit

The Oni Lord and the Onisu believed the time of demons serving mortals was at an end, and attacked the Lost. [5] The tainted humans followers of Bushido and the Crab Clan shared a common enemy, and sometimes their path crossed. One of these days Meguro saved Hiruma Tama's life from a demon, bowed and gone. [6]

Daigotsu Yajinden Edit

In 1167 Meguro came with Daigotsu Yajinden to the cursed Forest of Dreamers. They met Latomu and Iuchi Katamari who get from the smither the Otaku's Daisho, which had been lost in the Shadowlands since the first Day of Thunder. The Unicorn in exchange gave to Yajinden a chrysanthemum formed of perfect crystal, which unknown for all but the smither was an illusion that hid the Heart of Yajinden. [4]

Age of Conquest Edit

Meguro survived the Destroyer War, and it remained as a loyal follower of the Spider during the Age of Conquest. [7]

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