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Please note: This article is about the duelist. For other uses of the term, please see Makiko (disambiguation).

Daigotsu Makiko was a duelist of the Spider Clan.

Orphan Edit

Makiko was found by the Spider Clan in an isolated village, the last survivor of some kind of a murderous rampage. Adopted into the Daigotsu family, she soon demonstrated an unlimited talent and an unlimited lust for killing. [1]

Killer Edit

Makiko, a pale and frail-looking samurai-ko, was sent to train in the Hundred Stances Dojo. Her first official challenge resulted in her opponent death, his throat crushed with a single hit from her bokken. In the second, her opponent died as well, after Makiko caved his chest in with a powerful series of strikes. The Spider Clan's position remained that Makiko did not mean to kill her opponents. [1]

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