Daigotsu Isoroku 
Daigotsu Isoroku 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1172

Daigotsu Isoroku was an undead bushi of the Spider Clan.

Station Edit

Isoroku was the commander of the Spider's undead legions. [1]

Fingers of Bone Edit

in 1171 Isoroku was living at the Fingers of Bone. Daigotsu gave him Tsanru for punishment, who was dealt with by his undead creatures, and eventually became one of them. [2]

Ambitions & Death Edit

During the Destroyer War Isoroku had hoped to fight Daigotsu Shimekiri in the tournament which was held in 1172 to see if Daigotsu Hotako would be able to defend her title as Obsidian Champion. Shimekiri didn't partake in the tournament, but Isoroku proved to be among the most formidable warriors of the Spider Clan. He reached the final where he faced Hotako. During the fight, he was confident to be able to kill her and revealed that he considered Kali-Ma, the then Champion of Jigoku, the true master of the tainted Spider. He was killed by Hotako only moments later. [1]

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