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Daigotsu Fumiaki 
Daigotsu Fumiaki 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Chief Shireikan

Daigotsu Fumiaki was a member of the Lost and a samurai in service to Daigotsu. He later joined the Spider Clan upon their creation.

Nezumi Edit

Daigotsu Fumiaki was a pious man, devoted to Fu Leng. In his zeal, he found the Nezumi an abomination. Their invulnerability to his lord's touch was anathema, and he would see them hunted to extinction before he endured the insult of it all for one more moment. In 1167 Fumiaki lost an eye in a fight against D'gr'n-ki, a nezumi that had attacked him with a ferocity he never would imagine. Fumiaki's faith had proven to be decissive, and he spent some time to recover from his wounds, to fight for his Lord Daigotsu in the Time of Demons. [1]

Opinion about Enlightenment Edit

The quest for Enlightenment sickened Fumiaki. That there were those among the Lost who had embraced the quest filled him with a quiet rage that threatened to explode. Were he not so terribly wounded from his battle with the nezumi, he would punish the weak souls who had allowed themselves to stray. Fu Leng provided all that the Lost required, and those who sought something beyond that were nothing less than blasphemers. [2]

Chuda Ruri Edit

Fumiaki despised Chuda Ruri. She did not truly served Fu Leng, only herself. [3]

Chief Shireikan Edit

Fumiaki joined the Spider when it was formed by Daigotsu, and he served as the Chief Shireikan of Daigotsu's Army, [4] lieutenant of the Obsidian Champion Daigotsu Hotako. [5]

Toshi Ranbo Edit

Daigotsu Fumiaki 1

Daigotsu Fumiaki

In 1170 Daigotsu Hotako sent Fumiaki along with Naoru and Daigotsu Takayasu to attack a public bath house called Lucky Bear in Toshi Ranbo. They killed a group of Crab Witch Hunters. Following their success there their next mission was in Scorpion lands. [6] The details of the second mission were still unknown.

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