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Daigotsu Atsushi

Daigotsu Atsushi

Daigotsu Atsushi was a duelist of the Spider Clan.

Colonies Edit

Daigotsu Atsushi 2

Daigotsu Atsushi

Atsushi was sent to the Second City, as yojimbo to Susumu courtiers there, who suffered usual challenges as members of the reviled Spider Clan. In 1199 Atsushi had killed three men. [1]

Winter Court - 1199 Edit

In 1199 Atsushi attended Imperial winter court at Toshi Ranbo. He and Kasuga Aizawa wished to settle their disputes over a duel. At Judgement's Retreat Atsushi proved his worthy killing Yasuki Kyoko, champion of the Crab delegate. Aizawa committed seppuku immediately following the duel. [2] After the duel, Atsushi had felt shaken to the core. Never in his life had an opponent been so quick with a blade, so close to ending him. The duelist began to understand the true nature of mortality on that day, and why so many of his brethren had been willing to embrace the safety of the Taint. Once Winter Court was over, Atsushi pondered with Ikoma Aimi several of the events that happened there. [3]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

Spider Go Into Hiding Edit

Atsushi was appointed as yojimbo to Susumu Daimyo Susumu Kuroko. During his duties the duelist was tempted by the Shadowlands Taint that many of his brethren had embraced. In 1200 Atsushi and his charge met Kitsuki Kira, an oversee of the Spider Clan, in the House of Ignorant Bliss, a private theatre owned by Daigotsu Meikuko. The place was stormed by undead forces and Kira was killed on the spot by their commander Daigotsu Endo. Atsushi took the life of Kira's yojimbo, Mirumoto Rikiya, who had attempted to strike Kuroko. The undead moved the Spider out of the city, as part of the Spider rebellion against the Empire. [4]

Battle of the Second Seal Edit

This year Atsushi was part of the Spider forces who destroyed the Second Seal in the Battle of the Second Seal. Atsushi killed Daidoji Rikaro and confronted the Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Akeha in personal duel. Atsushi was wounded by Daidoji Tametaka before he preformed a killing blow against Akeha. The duelist killed the aged Crane samurai but left alive a wounded Akeha. He would wait Akeha to recover so they would face one another again. [5]

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