Daigotsu Anije was a female bushi of the Spider Clan who lived during the Age of Conquest. In the Colonies, at Journey's End City, she was an enforcer, albeit not a magistrate. For her masters she collected danegeld from merchants and peasants who did business in the city and wanted to be safe from acts of sabotage. Her duty sometimes involved her beating up those who didn't pay. [1] [2]

Physique & Heritage Edit

Anije was tall and built like a brickhouse, her physique alone gave away that she was a former Crab. [1] Sometimes her speech, for instances sayings about the Shadowlands, would also reveal her birth clan. [2] In her eyes there was an unmistakable shadow of torment that hinted at a story which made her join the Spider Clan and come to the Colonies. [1] But she was also known to have an effective glower. [2]

Acquaintance of Uesuko Edit

While doing her duty, Anije was bruising up a peasant called Jun who was late with his payment. The former Phoenix and now ronin Uesuko stood up to the Spider and thus bought Jun two more hours. Before Ajine had refused to accept Uesuko's koku as payment for the peasant. [2]

Encounter with a ghost Edit

Ajine met Uesuko at the house of Kiri when she was looking for Jun, who was late with a payment once again. There the group encountered the ghost of the late Anako, whom Anije believed to be a gaki. The samurai-ko heavily implied that she had dealt with these spirits before, but did not reveal anything else. When Uesuko managed to calm the Anako with the help of shugenja-empowered charms, the ronin earned Ajine's respect and she offered her given name. [2]


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