Daigotsu Akihime 
Daigotsu Akihime 
Born: 1150 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named eta

Akihime was a geisha [1] who joined the Spider Clan as Daigotsu Akihime, a tainted bushi known as a paragon of Shourido, the Dark Beauty. [2]

Geisha Edit

Akihime was born to a family of eta in 1150, and eventually the beautiful girl served the Bayushi as a geisha. In 1169 the Bayushi framed a geisha with whom Akihime had worked for the murder of a Crane lord. Her geisha house was burnt, and the geisha there were seized secretly. Akihime feigned love for her new lord and then murdered him with his own katana. [1]

Spider Clan Edit

Akihime became a geisha house owner in a small village, killing clients she disliked or who could not help her gain power. She was visited by Daigotsu Hotako, who offered Akihime to join the Spider Clan and keep her beautiful forever accepting the Taint. Her murders had been investigated by Kitsuki Tatsuya, who was killed by Akihime after she lured him into her confidence and supposed love. Akihime began to set a spy network with geisha for the Spider. Kitsuki Daigo, Tatsuya's son, tracked her down but Akihime killed him in a duel. Kitsuki Yuki, Tatsuya's daughter, set ablaze Akihime's geisha house and confronted her, but Akihime managed to escape alive. [1]

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