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RPG Information Edit

Daidoji family (Strength +1)

The Daidoji family are the more physically strong members of the Crane Clan. Their craftiness and cunning are well known throughout Rokugan, and they can be easily identified by their family mon which is tattoed onto their wrists upon reaching their gempukku. [1]

RPG Information Edit

Daidoji family (Reflexes +1)

The Daidoji family are a lineage of warriors dedicated to the subtle arts of combat and tactics that would carry their clan through conflicts against superior numbers and stronger foes. The word best used to describe a Daidoji might be stark. They look decidedly out of place in typical Crane finery, as they tend to have a severe look about them even in the best of situations. [2]

RPG Information Edit

Daidoji family (Stamina +1)

The so-called Iron Crane are the strong arm of the Crane Clan and the enforcers of the Doji and Kakita's will. [3]


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