Daidoji Zoushi

Daidoji Zoushi

Daidoji Zoushi was a scout and commander of the Crane Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Zoushi was a pragmatist. He conducted war without thought of individual men under his command, only of the clan and the army as a whole. He could sacrifice large amounts of Crane warriors in maneuvers that were risky, but which always seemed to win the day. [1]

Chief Shireikan Edit

Zoushi was the Chief Shireikan of the Daidoji Army, second only to it's Rikugunshokan Daidoji Kikaze. As Chief Shirekian Zoushi was stationed at Kosaten Shiro, overseeing it's defense and administration in the absences of Kikaze. [2]

Third Yasuki War Edit

Zoushi was appointed as the Crane general in the start of the Third Yasuki War. [3] [1]

Cherry Blossom Snow Village Edit

Zoushi was tasked with the defense of Cherry Blossom Snow Village in 1169. He negotiated with the Crab commander Hida Dayu prior to the battle. In memory of Yasuki Hachi neither side would burn the village or brewery regardless of who won possession during the incoming fight. [4] Zoushi summoned Kakita Kensho-in and questioned her how to deal on the agreement he had committed. Kensho-in suggested to kill the workers of the brewery to prevent the Crab from profiting from it, as Zoushi expected. He promoted Kensho-in to Gunso on the spot. [1] The next day Dayu's forces routed the Crane, but a small group of Crane led by Daidoji Murasaki ambushed the Crab stationed at the brewery and Kensho-in murdered all the workers and brewmaster. [4]

Changing Tactics Edit

In 1170 Daidoji Fumisato became the Zoushi's advisor. The elderly man commanded the fight in all but the name. The Crane’s tactics became more unpredictable. [3]

Phoenix Intervention Edit

Zoushi was visited by the Master of Fire Isawa Ochiai and her yojimbo Masakazu to attempt to end the war peacefully. Zoushi refused the Phoenix intervention. Following the meeting [5] the Shiba Army led by the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Tsukimi entered the Yasuki territory to intervene in the conflict as peacemakers. The Crab and Crane fronts ceased to crash against one another and now, instead, they unified and turned against the Phoenix. The Phoenix realized it and withdrew their forces out of the Yasuki lands. [3]

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