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Daidoji Yurei (I) 
Daidoji Yurei (I) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1200

Daidoji Yurei, the Scourge of Darkness, was a duelist of the Crane Clan. He was named after the revered Crane ancestor Daidoji Yurei. [1]

Coronation of Iweko II Edit

In 1200 Yurei was present in Toshi Ranbo, to attend the coronation of Iweko II. He met Kitsune Gorikki in the Imperial Gardens, and granted him to arrange a meeting between a delegation of Tortoise courtiers and the courtiers of the Crane Clan. Ikoma Chosha, the Lion delegate, had not appreciated the attention of a Crane jester, which led to a duel to first blood. Daidoji Yurei championed the courtier, and won. [2]

Death Edit

Yurei won the Gift of the Emperor, a tournament held to celebrate the birthday of the Emperor. The duelist requested to commit seppuku, for allowing the Daidoji family to continue studying the use of explosives. Iweko II granted both petitions. [3]

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