RPG Information Edit

Daidoji Yurei

Daidoji Yurei

Daidoji Yurei, Vengeful Ghost

Statistics Edit

Attack 4k2 (6k3 vs Lion
Damage 6k4 (Ethereal katana)
TN to be Hit 20 (magic, crystal, ghost, or jade only)
Armor 5
Wounds 15: -1
30: -3
45: Dead
Air 3 Earth 5 Fire 4 Water 4
Reflexes 3 Stamina 5 Agility 4 Strength 4
Awareness 3 Willpower 5 Intelligence 4 Perception 4

Special abilities Edit


Clan War Statistics Edit

TN: 7, W:5, ATT: +1 (+3 vs Lion), DAM: +2, #S: 1

Major References Edit

  • Legacy of the Forge Page 56.

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