Daidoji Unoko was a samurai-ko of the Crane Clan who lived at Kosaten Shiro. [1]

Dajan's Kolat Edit

Unoko was cousin of Daidoji Dajan, a kolat agent. Dajan broke with the true kolat and alongside Asako Nakiro made a splinter sect, the Dajan's Kolat. Unoko joined her uncle who utilized her to seduce important figures and dig up blackmail. [2]

Framing the Hare Clan Edit

She was one of the four samurai who in 1123 testified the Hare were Maho-tsukai, as part of a Dajan's Kolat plot. It led in the disbanding of the Hare by Imperial Edict. [3]

Insane Edit

She had been unaware of the true kolat conspiracy, which she realized after the murdering of Toritaka Bonugi, another samurai who had set testimony against the Hare. Dajan offered to help her escape, binding Unoko to an oni for her protection, but she refused. Nakiro was sent to silence her, but the shugenja convinced her to feign insanity for her own protection. [2]

Questioned Edit

The outlaw Ozaki, formerly heir of the Hare Clan, visited Unoko. He wanted to know where his sister Usagi Tomoe had gone, and Unoko did not know. Ozaki seemed angry, but never drew his sword, and left. Unoko was later visited by a group of samurai who asked about a conspiracy that had wiped out the Hare. [2]


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