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Daidoji Uji's Jade Aiguchi

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Daidoji Uji's Jade Aiguchi
Created by: Asahina from Thousand Years of Darkness
First used by: Daidoji Uji
Currently in the possession of: Crane Clan

Daidoji Uji's Jade Aiguchi were two bright jade daggers brought to Rokugan by Daidoji Fumisato, a version of Daidoji Uji from a nightmare realm where Fu Leng triumphed on the Second Day of Thunder, a world where he was the Last Crane. [1] When Uji finally retired, he passed them on to the Crane Clan as an heirloom. [2]

Abilities and Appearance Edit

The twin Aiguchi were created by the last Asahina in Uji's native realm, crafted from a solid block of jade and enhanced with steel infused with Earth kami, which made them almost unbreakable. [1] Their appearance was plain and unadorned supernaturally sharp and their jade made them effective against the Shadowlands Taint. [2]


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