Daidoji Tsumerai

Daidoji Tsumerai

Daidoji Tsumerai was a Yari Master of the Crane Clan.

Gempukku Edit

In 1126, the year of his Gempukku, Tsumerai was regarded by many to be the favorite in the Topaz Championship. A relative unknown Dragon bushi, Mirumoto Uso, defeated Tsumerai in the final rounds, which was seen as a dark omen for the Crane's coming war with the Lion. [1]

Yari of Air Edit

In 1127 Tsumerai was part of a unit of Daidoji Saboteurs sent to slow down the False Hoturi's army. The Crane were ambushed and Tsumerai, having lost his weapon during combat, picked up a strange-looking yari, the Yari of Air and made his way out. The Earth Elemental Terror, Jimen no Oni, chased him, but eventually Tsunerai escaped aided by a group of samurai. [2] The Elemental Nemuranai had been blessed by the Elemental Dragons to restore the celestial balance, which had been broken with the creation of the Terrors. [3]

Crane Civil War Edit

Tsumerai fought in the Crane Civil War but he became sick of it. He was another Crane who asked his lord, Doji Kuwanan, to stop the bloodshell. [4]

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