Daidoji Tsuka was a samurai-ko of the Crane Clan in the 12th century.

Station Edit

After Tsuka graduated in the Iron Crane school she served a tour of duty in the Daidoji Army, where she was quickly promoted to nikutai. Tsuka was invited to Shiro Daidoji to be commended for her skill and bravery after she successfully led her squadron in a battle where her gunso died. [1]

Yojimbo Edit

Tsuka was selected by a courtier named Otomo Gaishi to serve as one of his many yojimbo, expecting to share in some of the young Crane's reflected glory. After Tsuka rejected Gaishi's attempts at flirting with her, the Imperial assigned Tsuka to petty tasks. [1]

The Lair Edit

Tsuka moved to the Twilight Mountains when Gaishi wanted snow from a mountain top to chill his sake. There she found a remote valley known as the Lair, and was brought in by samurai of the supposedly extinct Boar Clan. The remnants of this Minor Clan had lived there in isolation since the early 6th century, and those Rokugani who found them were kept as unwilling "guests", never allowed to return the Empire again. Tsuka refused the Jomei's offer to assist in the Lair'’s military defense, because her honor would not permit her to give up her duties as Gaishi's yojimbo. [1]

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