Daidoji Training Grounds

Daidoji Training Grounds (CN14)

The Daidoji Training Grounds (CN14) in the Ichigun province [1] were some of the most civilized and well tended training grounds in Rokugan, and were adjoined to the Daidoji Daimyo's personal estates. This was where the Daidoji guardsmen, who were well known for their exceptional knowledge of the land, were trained. Massive maps covered the lower floors of the watchtower that stood guard over their labors. [2]

Tended Training Fields Edit

These vast fields were tended by three gardeners from the Kakita Artisan Academy, who supervised dozens of peasant workers. They maintained these fields in pristine conditions despite the Daidoji armies used these fields daily in their drills and exercises. The soldiers took solace in the Great Barracks, adjacent to the training grounds. [3]

Known Sensei Edit


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