The Daidoji Trading Council was made by the Daidoji to conduct all the actions and policies related to trade. [1] Since the Yasuki defection, the Daidoji had by necessity taken on the role of Merchant Patrons for the Crane. Council members typically had between four and a dozen merchants under their control. [2]

Tradition Edit

Trading Council members often trained initially alongside the Doji Courtiers, gaining the social wherewithal they required. Later the Council members spent time in the field fostering ties among their merchant vassals and making overtures to potential allies. Once their basic training was complete,they used to move on to study at other clan schools so that they might possess a variety of talents. Now that the Yasuki are again allied to the Crane, the future of the Daidoji Training Council is foggy at best. Some members have considered inviting the Yasuki to join the council, preserving the resources and purpose of both groups, while others have too much hatred for the Yasuki to ever consider such a thing. [2]

History Edit

In the 7th century it worked to rebuild the trade and commercial networks shattered by the Great Famine. [1] These families and their allies established a power base in Mura Sabishii Toshi, the Daidoji Trading House. [3] In the 12th century, during the short time the Yasuki rejoined the Crane, the Council was in peril to disappear. [2]

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