Daidoji Tobei

Daidoji Tobei

Daidoji Tobei was a bushi and scout of the Crane Clan. He fell to the madness of P'an Ku.

Colonies Edit

Tobei was a stocky man who in 1198 was onboard the Bladed Wing during the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies. Commander Daidoji Tametaka ordered him to advance on the enemy commander Yoritomo Emoto's ship. Doji Rengetsu assisted him coordinating the naval assault to break the naval siege of Twin Forks City. The Crane vessels had been filled with soldiers and expected to catch the enemy unprepared. A guest of the commander, was onboard. The gaijin was [1] Jahan, who had gained knowledge on explosives when he had been in contact with the Daidoji many years ago. [2] The Crane ships found themselves on two fronts after Yoritomo Hiromi's fleet moved upriver from the south. [3]

Madness Edit

Tobei came under the influx of the mad dragon, P'an Ku, becoming a Fallen. [4] Tobei sent saboteurs to the Mantis commander's vessel to strike down Emoto if possible. He had turned on the gaijin, and the saboteurs had placed the explosives ,given by their allies, on the Third Kama, the enemy commander's vessel. Tobei went completely mad when Rengetsu confronted his decision, and in his rage killed a fellow samurai when he was trying to kill his assistant. The Third Kama charged on the Bladed Wing, and a flaming arrow fired by Tsuruchi Gombei hit provoked an explosion, destroying Mantis and Crane ships alike.

Seeking Revenge Edit

Tobei had dived from the ship and survived the explosion. He began to seek the gaijin, expecting to use explosives against the Mantis again. [3]

Killing the Dark Naga Edit

In 1199 during the Dark Naga Siege of the Second City, his companion the courtier Kakita Kae prepared a deathly trap for the creature known as the Dark Naga. They were chased by the massive creature, luring the Dark Naga to the Spring Blossom Silk Works, the most valuable holding of the Crane Clan within the Second City. Cornered, Kae leapt from a window, while the gaijin pepper that Tobei had gathered there detonated. The building collapsed, killing the Dark Naga. [5]

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