Daidoji Takihiro

Daidoji Takihiro

Daidoji Takihiro was a harrier of the Crane Clan, and a member of the Kolat.

Harrier Edit

Fires of Toshi Ranbo Investigation Edit

In 1166 Takihiro was charged with the protection of the Merenae gaijin Esteban Cornejo, the gaijin explosives expert allegedly involved in the explosions that rocked the imperial capital Toshi Ranbo. Daidoji Kikaze, in his investigation of the Fires of Toshi Ranbo's arsonist, were led to Esteban's long lost cousin, Rodrigo Cornejo, in an Ashalan hideout in the Plains Above Evil, alongside with Daidoji Tani, Esteban Cornejo, and Takihiro. Rodrigo met his end when he set off a suicide bomb in an unsuccessful attempt to kill his cousin. [1]

Esteban Cornejo Edit

Daidoji Takihiro 2

Young Takihiro

After the explosion Takihiro and Esteban was attacked by Esteban's cousin, Alhundro Cornejo, who was a corrupted minion of the Shadows. Takihiro's blade was not effective against him, and Alhundro stunned the Crane, who fell unconscious. [2]

Tattooed Edit

When Takihiro awoke found himself and Esteban cornejo captives of the Gozoku and their Ashalan allies. The supposedly dead Bayushi Atsuki was there, revealing himself as leader of the Gozoku. [2] One of the Ashalan, Rashol, tortured and tattooed Takihiro with his gaijin magic and a crystal needle in an attempt to bound Takahiro's will to him. Esteban freed himself and came to the tattooing chamber. He threw a flashing bomb, which broken the Ashalan's concentration, and Takihiro suffused and killed Rashol. They prepared to escape, when Alhundro appeared from the shadows. Atsuki sent Alhundro for his cousin, so that he could bathe Toshi Ranbo in fire again. Takihiro took the crystal needle and stabbed it in the Goju's back, effectively killing him. At the same time the Gozoku lair controlled by Atsuki were attacked by the Shogun Kaneka, aiding in the two's escape. It became apparent that that it had been Alhundro who had been responsible for the attack in the capital. [3]

Kolat Edit

Takihiro was sent to a monastery in the Crane lands, where he was watched to see if his loyalty to the clan had been jeopardized. The monks eventually determined the Ashalan tattoos had no permanent effect on Takihiro's mind, but in the meantime one of their number was converting him to the Kolat. He was attracted by the humanistic side of Kolat philosophy. [4]

Shireikan Edit

Takihiro became a Shireikan in the Daidoji Army. [5]

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