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Daidoji Tae 
Daidoji Tae 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1167

Daidoji Tae was a bushi and harrier of the Crane Clan.

Studies Edit

Tae had always been a tall pretty girl, and her parents had hoped she would study the ways of a courtier with the Doji family. The ways of the courts never drew her interest, and she instead chose to study at Shiro Giji. [1]

Jade Magistrate Edit

Tae was recruited in 1158 by the new Jade Champion, Asahina Sekawa, and alongside Asahina Keitaro became the first two Jade Magistrates selected by the Asahina Daimyo. In their first mission they destroyed a Bloodspeaker cell in Otosan Uchi, a group that had aided the Onisu Hakai in its attack during the Test of the Jade Champion at Kyuden Nio. Sekawa was left with a scar on his cheek, reminder of the battle. [2]

Asahina Nizomi Edit

In 1159 [3] Tae escorted Sekawa when Naka Tokei put under the protection of the Jade Champion a three year's old child, Asahina Nizomi. [4]

Duties Edit

Tae later served Sekawa in an administrative role. She was tasked with the maintenance of a camp in Asahina lands, guarding a number of The Lost who had defected to the Crane. [1]

Death Edit

The camp came under attack in 1167. While her forces there were dealing with the fires and locate the source of the attack, Tae headed back to heir office. She was killed by a creature, most likley Daigotsu Rekai, that had been awaiting her there. [1]

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