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Daidoji Sosuke

Daidoji Sosuke

Daidoji Sosuke was a courtier and merchant of the Crane Clan.

Colonies Edit

In 1198 Sosuke moved to Twin Forks City in the Colonies, as a representative of the Daidoji Trading Council. She and the city's chief magistrate Kakita Sasa devised how to manage the conflict between the Crane and Mantis there. Sosuke raised the tariffs on Yoritomo Minhiko's cargo, who was goaded to challenge the Crane. Sasa was Sosuke's champion and defeated Yoritomo Tsang in a duel to death. All Mantis ships were charged tariffs at a higher rate since. [1]

Punished Edit

Sosuke had made the matter of a single duel an excuse to punish all of the Mantis trade in the area, beginning the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies. One the war was over, and negotiations began between both clans in 1199, Sosuke was brought to the Second City to answer for his crimes. [2] The Imperial Treasurer Seppun Ritisharu removed him from his duties in the Aerie, and the leader of the Crane delegation Doji Iza ordered him return to the mainland, to answer for his mismanagement of affairs. [3] Sosuke was humiliated, and his name was synonymous with failure and hubris for generations. [4]

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