Daidoji Sokazaka was the governor of Kosaten province in the late 12th century. [1]

Appearance Edit

Sokakaza was a portly man in his late thirties with a weak chin, a weak-willed man who wanted to be liked and admired. Friendly and outgoing, he had a superficial charm that usually won over his guests, but he was distracted, anxious, and irritable when confronting serious issues. [2]

Collector Edit

Sokakaza was a patron of the arts, especially of adventurous and unconventional artists, as well as a collector of rare and foreign artwork, including a woven rug from Medinaat al-Salaam, a Yodotai suit of armor, and a fetish-like statue of an eight-armed man from the Ivory Kingdoms, actually a statue of Vishnu the Protector. [3]

Border Conflict Edit

Raising Tensions Edit

Sokazaka favored of a love for art and beauty, and his lands were unprepared to the raising tensions with Matsu Mugoi lord who controlled the neighboring Kaeru province. Sokazaka hurriedly raised taxes to rally an army, and this sudden imposition provoked a potential peasant revolt. Unknown to him, all this impending violence had been engineered by Raniyah the Sly, a Rakshasa who posed as Doji Chonitsu. The creature intended to use the situation to cover her theft of an ancient Ivory Kingdoms artifact from Sokazaka's court. [4]

Lion Attack Edit

Eventually the Lion stormed across the border and attacked Kosaten Shiro. They besieged and assaulted the castle, battering down the gates. [5]

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