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Daidoji Senshi 
Born: 1150 
Children: Un-named daughter and several un-named children

Daidoji Senshi was a Iron Warrior of the Crane Clan.

Swearing Revenge to the Mantis Edit

A descendant of the legendary Daidoji Yurei, Senshi was born in the port city of Mura Sabishii Toshi, and grew up fascinated by seafaring and ships. [1] In 1169 [2] when he was ninteen years old, his city was seized by the Mantis bBy purchasing virtually all of the merchant patronage in the port. Senshi was ashamed, and swore he would never forgive the Mantis, even after the city returned to Crane hands one year later. [1]

Spying the Mantis Edit

Senshi spent years studying the Mantis in preparation for the day both clans crossed their paths. He watched them in secret, learned their tricks, studied their tactics. Senshi betrothed his daughter to a Yoritomo and, through her, learned how the Mantis built their vessels. At Tsukareru Sencha Mura he built sengokobune to his specifications, created to exploit what he had learned about our enemies. [3] He influenced the Daidoji Daimyo into funding a new fleet for the Crane navy. [1]

Colonies Edit

When the Mantis traveled to the Colonies, Senshi followed them there. He seized control of the Ivory Kingdoms' ruins along the coastline and built an impressive fortification, the Aerie. Senshi hid the new Crane fleet he was building and it was the base of his sabotage campaigns against the Mantis. He used a priestess, Asahina Michiyo, to fuel his plans. [4]

Conflict with the Crane Edit

In 1198 he had alienated his wife and children, who he left back home in the Empire. Senshi waited alongside his loyal chui, Doji Mitsuru, for the open conflict with the Mantis he was sure would come. [5] Senshi was investigated by Yoritomo Tansen as one of the instigators of the rift between the Crane and Mantis Clans in the Colonies. [6]

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