Daidoji Sembi

Daidoji Sembi

Daidoji Sembi was a bushi of the Crane Clan. He was nephew of Kakita Ariteko. [1]

Clan War Edit

Little was known about Sembi prior to the Clan War, when he mysteriously appeared on the battlefield to aid the Crane Clan. He had actually been raised by a monastic order of the Asahina, where he had served as a yojimbo. When the Clan War spread, he felt that he needed to help the Clan as a whole. [2] Sembi was a quiet warrior, and though he had little battlefield experience he was a capable fighter, and an asset to the Crane who were short on strong soldiers. Due to his Asahina upbringing, he was a philosopher as well as a samurai, but kept most of his thoughts to himself. [3] [4]

Crane Civil War Edit

Sembi was lieutenant of Daidoji Uji in the Crane Civil War. [1]

Manipulated by Bloodspeakers Edit

Sembi knew that Doji Adoka killed his aunt, but because of Shahai's manipulations, [1] he mistakenly thought the Phoenix were the instigators of the assassination. The bloodspeakers had placed a box filled with Phoenix koku and Sembi and Daidoji Uji believed the Phoenix had paid Adoka for his treachery. It halted any support from the Crane to his allies the Phoenix Clan in the Mantis Invasion of the Phoenix lands. [5]

Retirement Edit

When Sembi retired he shaved his head, took up a staff and robe, and walked away. [6]

Legacy Edit

Daidoji Yaichiro, his grandson, followed Sembi's path of honor. [7]

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