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Daidoji Sabaru

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Daidoji Sabaru

Daidoji Sabaru

Daidoji Sabaru was a yojimbo of the Crane Clan.

Station Edit

Sabaru was born into a moderately wealthy family, and he wished to be trained as a yojimbo. If he had one major fault, it was his unwillingness to lie. Sabaru was given the post of yojimbo to Kakita Mai by Doji Tanitsu. He was present when Mai's and Kakita Noritoshi's son was born, ready to protect them from the False Hoturi. [1]

Retirement Edit

Sabaru was left behind when Noritoshi went into hiding, during his mission against the Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen. For this reason he was not at the side of Mai when she died, but he swore to protect their son. Sabaru retired upon the gempukku of his lord, the Kakita Daimyo who would be known as Kakita Ikaru. [1]

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