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Daidoji Ninku was an Emerald Magistrate of the Crane Clan.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Ninku a serious, dedicated woman of strict morals and stern devotion to duty, but not particularly attractive for a Crane. She was descendant to Daidoji Masashigi himself, the Daidoji Daimyo whose heroic death at the Battle of the Tidal Landbridge earned his family the Iron Crane nickname. [1]

Station Edit

After her gempukku she upheld tradition by spending a year on the Kaiu Wall, fighting the Shadowlands, where she earned great respect from her Crab squad-mates. She returned to Crane lands and given various guard duties. During a diplomatic conference in the southern Crane lands, Ninku realized one of the attendees was actually a Bog Hag. She unmasked the creature before it could kill an ambassador from a neighboring clan, earning an appointment as an Emerald Magistrate. [1]

Emerald Magistrate Edit

Ninku was appointed at Kyuden Kurogane-Hana as its resident magistrate, where she met the courtier maiden Doji Ronshouko, who became her ally. Ninku was supported by a young clerk named Doji Ryuta and a ronin yoriki named Kuro. [2]

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