Daidoji Nagiko 
Daidoji Nagiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Daidoji,
un-named Kakita

Daidoji Nagiko was a samurai-ko of the Crane Clan.

Nagiko was the daughter of a Daidoji and a Kakita, and proved to have recieved the best from both her parents. She had her Kakita mother's charisma and agility as well as her Daidoji father's unbreakable will. She was invited to train with both the Kakita and Daidoji and her parents allowed her to choose. She decided to study with the Kakita Bushi, and her service in her new unit led to an arrange marriage that would bring great honor to her family. It was during the War of Silk and Steel that her fortunes changed, and she saw the death of her fiance. Her family, who had been preparing their marriage, had to arrange another marriage quickly. Alas Nagiko found her new fiance extremely distasteful, but she intended to fulfill her family's wishes regardless. Nagiko was resolved however to not give up her duties as a soldier, but if her husband to be wished it so she could find herself with no say in the matter. Those who knew Nagiko lamented her new, grim demeanor. She became the very picture of a grim Daidoji warrior, with little trace of the cheerful, laughing girl with a brilliant smile she had one been. [1]

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