Daidoji Murasaki

Daidoji Murasaki

Daidoji Murasaki was a Daidoji bushi and scout of the Crane Clan.

Topaz Championship Edit

Murasaki was stationed as guardsman in Tsuma village in 1169 during the Topaz Championship. She was at odds with Hida Fumetsu when he arrived to village. Fumetsu became the Topaz Champion. [1]

Cherry Blossom Snow Village Edit

This year Murasaki led a group of Daidoji in an ambush attack on the brewery in Cherry Blossom Snow Village during the Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow Village. She fought the leader of the ten Crab stationed there, Hiruma Aya, who broke her arm in two places before Daidoji Kojima killed him. [2]

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