Daidoji Munabu

Daidoji Munabu

Daidoji Munabu was a harrier saboteur of the Crane Clan.

Imperial Legion Edit

Munabu was appointed to the Imperial Legion for political reasons, and had feared he would be a disappointment to his family. He struggled with his weaknesses, keeping them hidden from his comrades and superiors. In 1159 Munabu fought in the Fall of Otosan Uchi, being grievously wounded by an Oni. [1]

Minion of the Nothing Edit

A shadowy presence appeared and tempted Munabu, to be saved from the taint and the death. Munabu accepted to became an agent of the Ninube. He returned to Crane lands to provide all the information or services they required. Munabu gained new abilities, those blessed by the Nothing. [1]

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