Daidoji Mochiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named yojimbo

Daidoji Mochiko was a bushi of the Crane Clan of the 12th century.

Family Edit

Mochiko was the daughter of a Crane yojimbo stationed in the Imperial City, Otosan Uchi. [1]

Appearance Edit

Mochiko was an average-sized woman whose features had been hardened by a soldier's lifestyle, [1] and a careful and vigilant woman who never dyed her hair white. [2]

Training Edit

Mochiko entered in the Doji school, where worked hard. She passed her gempukku and joined the Imperial Guard. [1]

Tomb of Iuchiban Edit

The emperor himself explained to Mochiko the station she was appointed five years after she came of age, [1] as the commander of the garrison that watched the Tomb of Iuchiban. [2]

Distracted Edit

Her most critical failure was when Asahina Yajinden managed to enter the Tomb, despite nobody leaving it. [2] The Bloodspeaker sent a monstrous oni, Kakusu-Sakana no Oni, to divert the guards. The Imperial Guards put down the creature. but not before it killed many men, including the resident shugenja. Hidden by illusionary magic Yajinden's group was able to slip through the perimeter without being detected. [3]

Samurai group Edit

A group of samurai appeared and advised Mochiko about Yajinden infiltration. They moved toward the Tomb, to stop them. When they reached the Tomb its door were opened. Mochiko remained guarding the entrance while the samurai went inside. [4]

Stepped down Edit

Her request for seppuku was denied year after year, and she was eventually replaced when she retired. Her replacement was selected by Toturi Naseru, who chose Akodo Chiyo. [2]

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