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Daidoji Masayoshi was a Tactician of the Crane Clan.

Early Years Edit

Daidoji Masayoshi developed an affinity for the outdoors, engaging any kind of physical activities such as swimming, running, or climbing. Masayoshi graduated as a mediocre swordsman, a gifted archer, and an expert at maneuvering through all types of terrain. [1]

Station Edit

Masayoshi was given command of a Daidoji legion whose men were trained to make use of unconventional tactics, quick maneuver, ambush, and the use of traps and deception. Eventually the First Yasuki War broke, and Masayoshi was soon granted command of all Daidoji forces. He delayed the Crab offensive with a series of quick hit-and-run raids and ambushes, but they still were too strong, taking Clear Water Village, and with it, effective control of the Yasuki lands. Masayoshi maintained pression on the invaders, and he even pushed the Crab back out of the Kenkai Hanto and closing in on Clear Water Village. [2]

Death Edit

The Crane Clan Champion Doji Mizobu demanded Masayoshi to retake the holding which had been fortified by the Crab. During the week-long attack, Daidoji Masayoshi was mortally wounded. [3]

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