Daidoji Masashigi 
Born: 690 
Died: 715 
Titles: Daidoji Daimyo

Daidoji Masashigi was a Daidoji Daimyo.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Masashigi was a handsome and talkative man with a good temperament and formidable martial skills. He resolutely avoided any discussion of serious matters, especially regarding the Crane Clan's military or economic status. He became Daidoji Daimyo at an early age, and his advisors were continually frustrated by the slow pace of his decision making. [1]

Battle of Tidal Landbridge Edit

The day of the Battle of the Landbridge Masashigi did not delay, as he instantly recognized the potential consequences of the Crab outpost being overwhelmed. [1] Masashigi led his guards across the Tidal Landbridge when it was assaulted by the cunning Oni no Kinjiro in 715. All hope had seemed lost for the Crab defending against the oni until Masashigi lent his aid. Masashigi could be seen battling the oni as the sea came rising up over the landbridge. The only remains found afterwards was the battered helmet of Masashigi. The Battle was later known as the Battle of Tidal Landbridge. The Crab erected a shrine in the memory of Masashigi, and since then there have been good relations between the "Iron Crane" Daidoji and the Crab. [2] [3]

After Death Edit

In 1160 the spirit of Masashigi was seen in Toshi Ranbo as one of the souls called forth from Naishi during the cleansing of the cursed sword Chukandomo. [4]

Blade Edit

Masashigi's Blade

Recovered Masashigi's Blade

The sword of Masashigi was found in the sea by the Mantis hundreds of years later. [5]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Daidoji Daimyo
? - 715
Succeeded by:


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