Daidoji Kyobu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133 
Spouse: Daidoji Rekai 
Children: Daidoji Kikaze

Daidoji Kyobu was a bushi of the Crane Clan.

Betrothed Edit

During the early years of Toturi's reign as Emperor, a wealthy Kakita Duelist requested the Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Uji permission to marry with one of his most gifted students, Daidoji Rekai. Despite the marriage would benefit both families, Uji despised the arrogant man, and informed the duelist that Rekai was already betrothed. The Kakita left, and Uji then notified Rekai and another of his vassals, Daidoji Kyobu, that they would be wed in a month's time. [1]

Married Edit

Kyobu married Rekai, and was father to Daidoji Kikaze. He loved his wife from the moment they were betrothed and tried to be strong like Daidoji Uji to earn her love. [2]

Death Edit

Kyobu was killed at the Battle of Oblivion's Gate in 1133. [2]

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Secrets of the Crane page 30 claims Kyobu died in the early days of the War of Spirits, but fiction "Shadows" clearly is written he died in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate.


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