Please note: This article is about the member of the Daidoji Trading Council. For other uses of the term, please see Kuro (disambiguation).

Daidoji Kuro was a member of the Daidoji Trading Council, and was considered a Crane with a Crab's sense of duty. He was the governor of the Shijou District of Toshi Ranbo. [1]

City Markets Edit

A city the size of Toshi Ranbo required a great deal of food in order to function effectively, and as the governor of the city's market district Kuro was charged with ensuring that those needs were met. In addition he made sure that the choicest and most magnificent supplies made their way to the Imperial Palace. [1]

These were far less simple tasks than they appeared. Constantly shifting trade agreements be­tween Clans, and the presence of so many highly com­petitive mercantile-minded courtiers, ensured that every day in the district court was an adventure. Only during deep winter was Kuro able to relax somewhat, as the Imperial Court moved to its winter home and the pressures of duty eased. [1]


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