Daidoji Kumi

Daidoji Kumi

Daidoji Kumi was a Harrier of the Crane Clan.

Trained as a Harrier Edit

Kumi was trained in Shiro Giji, the secretive stronghold of the Daidoji. [1]

Doubts Edit

She performed acts of sabotage and murder to protect the interests of her clan. Kumi began to doubt about these methods, and those caused her to turn her back on the family, to walk the path of a ronin as a Musha Shugyo. Her teachers had been disappointed, but had allowed her to take the warrior's pilgrimage so long as it did not interfere with their own duties. [1]

Rain of Blood Edit

After three years as ronin she had returned. In 1165 she was at Shizuka Toshi when a Rain of Blood covered the Empire. She endured the Rain and shortly after began to kill several of the mad and corrupted men. Kumi from the distance saw how Asahina Surodoi, who had nor been stained by the Rain, killed another crane fellow. She followed the traitor and caught him. Surodoi confessed he was a bloodspeaker and he was aware of the Rain. Kumi questioned him about where the ritual was performed, and the shugenja told it. Kumi killed the Asahina. [1]

Ki-Rin's Blessing Edit

Kumi marched south of the Toritaka Pass west of the Crab lands, within the Plains Above Evil. There she saw a pack of minor oni around the dead Ki-rin. Kumi defeated them but was grievously wounded, and fell unconscious. When she awoke she was healed and the corpse of the mystical creature was not there. The Ki-Rin had been reborn thanks to the efforts of Kumi when she safeguarded its body against the tainted beasts. A braided lock of fiery silken hair now hung from her saya, identifying Kumi as blessed by the Ki-Rin. [1]

Imperial Legions Edit

Kumi eventually joined the First Imperial Legion and rose to the Shireikan station. [2]

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