Daidoji Kukojin was a Crane general who led a failed campaign against the Scorpion Clan in the year 600. His lord was Doji Yabu. His forces could seize the castle of Bayushi Uduwara, killing the Scorpion daimyo in the battle and capturing his wife and two sons. The campaign failed at Shiro no Shosuro though, when Kukojin allowed the captured woman to enter the fortress to speak with the general there, with the condition of leaving her two children behind. The woman, who was a Shosuro before her marriage, treated him as a fool once she was safe. The Scorpion archers killed all of his officers and both of her children, leaving Kukojin and his disorganized army to face two powerful Scorpion armies that were hidden up to the moment. Unable to bear the disgrace of being tricked, Kukojin committed seppuku on the fifteenth day of the Rooster of the year 600.

The Shosuro woman also implied, although it was unknown whether she was lying or not, that she was bearing Kukojin's son, and was going to teach him to hate the Crane with all his heart. [1]


  1. Way of the Scorpion, pp.14-15

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