Daidoji Kitagi 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Daidoji Yoshimaru

Daidoji Kitagi was a bushi scout of the Crane Clan.

Father's death Edit

Kitagi's father, Daidoji Yoshimaru had perished in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, but his body was not recovered. Kitagi feared his father could had become a minion of the shadowlands instead of reaching Yomi, and strongly wished to know what became of him. [1]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 Iuchiban forced his servants to action, driving them to self-destructive acts of chaos, and Kitagi's unit was ordered to hunt bloodspeakers north of the Spine of the World Mountains, alongside with Daidoji Akimasa and Kakita Himatsu. There they found a newly gate between realms, and Akimasa returned to ask for reinforcements to secure the passage, and to study it, while Himatsu and Kitagi guarded it. [1]

Maigo no Musha Edit

Kitagi entered the gate to know his father's fate, and Himatsu readily joined him. Inside they were found by the realm's guardian, Sanzo, who explained they were at Maigo no Musha, the Realm of the Twarthed Destiny. Their presence weakened the boundaries of the realm, and were requested to leave. Himatsu exposed him as a Maho-tsukai, and drew his sword empowered with maho threatening Sanzo. From the darkness appeared a shadow, which quickly overcame and fatally wounded Himatsu. He was an alternative Daidoji Uji, the Iron Crane, which had arrived from a nightmare world. All them left Maigo no Musha. Uji's shadow had been careful to deadly wound Himatsu, but the Bloodspeaker did not die quickly, allowing to avoid a death within this unstable realm. [1]


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