Daidoji Kimpira

Daidoji Kimpira

Daidoji Kimpira was the commander of the personal guard of the Crane Clan Champion Doji Domotai.

Toshi Ranbo Edit

Kimpira fought alongside his Champion during the Battle of Toshi Ranbo in 1169, defending one of the Crane estates. Kimpira was appointed to command of the defense while the Dragon Clan Champion and Domotai were speaking the end of the War of Silk and Steel within the Crane Estate. [1]

Destroying the Harriers Edit

Sometime following the battle at the capital, Doji Domotai became increasingly worried regarding her Daidoji yojimbo, and at the advice of Daidoji Fumisato she ordered her personal guard led by Kimpira to investigate Giji Seido. Kimpira and his guards followed the order, and killed those within, including the leader Daidoji Hakumei. Hakumei's head was brought before Domotai, proving the guards loyalty to the Champion. [2]

Night of the Assassins Edit

Since the murdered of Kitsuki Orika so near the personal chambers of Doji Domotai, Kimpira had quietly made changes to Kyuden Doji's security. The result was that no one within the palace proper had died during the Night of the Assassins in 1170. [3]

A tainted knelt to Domotai Edit

In 1173 Kakita Hideshi, yojimbo to Asahina Daimyo Asahina Beniha, in the Crane court knelt before Domotai and revealed himself as tainted. Kimpira and the Daidoji guard rushed to be in between the corrupted and the Crane Champion. Hideshi requested to commit seppuku, which was granted by Domotai. [4]

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