Daidoji Kasumiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 4th century 
Titles: Sensei of Mountain's Shadow Dojo

Daidoji Kasumiko was a samurai-ko and a Harrier of the Crane Clan.

Early Years Edit

Kasukiko became orphan when her parents perished from a minor outbreak of plague. She came to Shiro Giji to train, and Kasukiko took the eye of her sensei. [1]

Faked Death Edit

Crane records listed Kasumiko as a soldier among those killed when Shiro Giji burned to the ground in the early spring of 330. Her death was a fake, and she was one of the first students of Mountain's Shadow Dojo, the primary school for the Daidoji Harriers. Kasumiko had hidden with other young bushi in the sub-levels beneath the castle while Asahina Shugenja protected them from the magically created blaze that consumed the castle. Kasumiko spent the next twenty years serving the clan from the shadows, and she eventually became a sensei at the dojo. [1]

Death Edit

Kasumiko was among the few Harriers to achieve that rarest of fates: she died of old age. [1]


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