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Daidoji Iyashi was a merchant of the Crane Clan, member of the Daidoji Trading Council. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Iyashi was a shrewd and smoothspoken merchant who lived in the Street of Golden Lanterns at Kalani's Landing. He was capable of being quite charming when needed. [2]

Merchant Patron Edit

Iyashi was sponsored by Doji Chonitsu, who sought rare substances like jade and crystal, as well as the art and relics of the now-defunct Ivory Kingdoms, in return for various political and financial favors. Iyashi clashed with Yasuki Kappako, who was eager to acquire jade for their clan's never-ending war with the Shadowlands. Yoritomo Hokare had also sometimes gotten into mercantile tussles with both Daidoji Iyashi and Yasuki Kappako. [3] Kappako was reputed as the more skillful, but Iyashi was by far the richer. [4]

Jade Mine Edit

A prospector working for Yasuki Kappako discovered an Ivory Kingdoms jade mine in the jungle-shrouded hills outside Kalani's Landing. The news of its discovery leaked, and Daidoji Iyashi set out to sabotage Kappako and claimed control of the mine. He hired Itto to lead a group of ronin bandits and terrorized anyone working at the mine. The local magistrate Miya Ichiko, a protegee of one of Chonitsu's allies, refused to offer Kappako any assistance with the bandit problem. The jade was collected periodically by a group of smugglers led by a his ally Gozu. Hokare joined efforts with Kappako arranging assistance from outside the area to share the profits of the jade mine. A group of samurai eventually disrupted the ronin, and Iyashi lose control of the mine. [5]

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