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Daidoji Ishida 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Daidoji Scout mother

Daidoji Ishida was a scout of the Crane Clan.

Explorer Edit

Ishida followed his mother's footsteps and joined the Daidoji Scout school. He was fascinated with exploring, and he moved to the Colonies. When the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime issued the Edict of Exploration, Ishida quickly found patrons eager to support and fund his expedition. He intended to claim as much land for the Crane as possible. [1]

 Colonial Winter Court Edit

Ishida was a Winter Court delegate during the Siege of the Second City. During his time as delegate his disdain and contempt for the Mantis was made loud and clear. He formed a strong friendship with fellow delegate Doji Moro and Akodo Toshigure. The relationship between Ishida and Toshigure came to a breaking point when the Lion dueled Moro on the field of battle. He was among those samurai who conspired against Otomo Suikihime and assisted the Ninth Imperial Legion by taking part in the battle that weakened the city’s defenses from within. [citation needed]

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