Daidoji Imoto was a bushi of the Crane Clan who lived when the Wasting Disease was striking Rokugan.

Troubled with Ratlings Edit

Imoto's belongings began to disappear due to a vermin plague of ratlings. He requested the Crab to deal the matter, his requests were met with eerie silence. The devious traps he set were disassembled each one and the pieces carted away. Poison was tried, and, at first, it killed several of the ratlings. Imoto stopped to use it after the well of the nearby village of Tonro was poisoned, many villagers sickened and three perished. Kitsune Konguro, a Fox tracker of some renown, refused to be hired to deal with the ratlings, demanding to Imoto to cease his hunt. Konguro was imprisoned but escaped a week later. A monk claimed that he saw the Fox climbed out the sixth floor window, assisted by giant rats. [1]

Death Edit

Imoto wrote a letter telling his troubles to his cousin Daidoji Jinwa, and shortly after disappeared during a retaliation patrol against the nezumi in the northern foothills of the Daidoji province. [1]


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