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Daidoji Handen

Daidoji Handen

Daidoji Handen was an ambassador of the Crane Clan. His yojimbo was Daidoji Shiko. [1]

Station Edit

Handen was appointed as liaison to use his "open mind" demeanor in the far regions of the Empire. He had a high sense of morals standing and was a skilled duelist. [2]

Kenson Gakka Edit

In 1120 Handen was sent by the Daidoji Daimyo alongside several Crane monks to visit Yaruki Jukko, a monastery near Kenson Gakka. [3] Handen attended at Kenson Gakka the Festival of the Humble Turtle, where several events happened, including the abduction of the son of Akodo Ikare, the Lion commander. A group of samurai found and returned the infant to safety. [4]

Slaughter at Yaruki Jukko Edit

Ikare marshalled his men and moved to the temple, and Handen followed. There the Lion accused the monks of his son's kidnapping and ordered their execution. Handen challenged Ikare to a mortal duel. [5]

Siege Edit

Scorpion forces arrived at Kenson Gakka presenting the events at the monastery, laying claim to Kenson Gakka. The Lion were forced to retreat, and they led Handen back into the safety toward the castle. The Scorpion attempted to take the castle in the Battle of the Humble Turtle, [6] but it was a failure. [7]

Consequences Edit

The Crane monks killed tarnished the Lion's honor, raising the tensions between both clans. [8] It would lead in open war years later, the Lion-Crane War.

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