Daidoji Enai 
Daidoji Enai 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 1159 
Siblings: Daidoji Ekiken 
Titles: Master Sensei of the Kosaten Shiro Dojo

Daidoji Enai was a bushi of the Crane Clan.

Family Edit

He had a younger brother, Daidoji Ekiken.[1] Ekiken had once been a promising young bushi until he suffered a terrible dishonor in court. He would have been cast out of his clan if not for the intervention of Enai. This left Ekiken to become a member of the Daidoji Harriers with no possibilty of a more prestigeous position. [2]

Training Edit

Enai was a notable student of the Mountain's Shadow Dojo. [3]

Stationings Edit

Some of Enai's many stationings included the Lion/Crane border and the Kenkai Hanto peninsula. [1]

Harrier Edit

Enai was member of the secret Harrier group. He was attached with the primary Crane armies, advising the generals in the field the tactics against the Crab. At the same time gathered information that allowed several successfully Harrier strikes to the crab forces. [3]

Hida Kuoshi Edit

Enai had enmity with Hida Kuoshi, although the exact reasons for it were unknown. [4] The hostility might have come from a meeting at a mountain pass where neither man wanted to yield to the other. [5] [6]

Enai manipulated the events to had the opportunity to be reassigned in a location where he might face his nemesis Kuoshi. [3]

Sensei Edit

Enai was one of the youngest to ever become the Sensei at the Kosaten Shiro Dojo. He was appointed due to his keen intellect and absolute ruthlessness in battle. His knowledge of borders was also a major factor. Unlike most Rokugani sensei Enai was very active in events of society. [1] [2]

Mirumoto Ukira Edit

In an attempt to discredit the Topaz Champion Mirumoto Ukira in public, Enai's brother Ekiken insulted both Ukira's Clan and family. Ekiken however went too far, and Ukira demanded a duel. Enai could not stand and let his brother die, and took his place in the duel. The duel was fought, and both Enai and Ukira suffered injuries. Enai's were not fatal, but Ukira was not as lucky. [2]

Death Edit

During the Fall of Otosan Uchi his brother was the cause that the Great Sea Spider was summoned. The spider cast its foul web over Kyuden Seppun, preventing many Imperial Guardsmen from rushing to the city's defense. When Ekiken realized what was happening, he banished the beast back to the sea. The kumo's enemies from the Realm of Hungry Ghosts attempted to kill Ekiken to ensure the spider's imprisonment, but mistakenly killed his brother Enai instead. [7] Enai was murdered, [8] causing Kuoshi to become frustrated that he was not the one to take his foe's life. Kuoshi teamed up with Enai's brother, Daidoji Ekiken to find the murderers. [9]

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