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Daidoji Ekiken 
Daidoji Ekiken 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Daidoji Enai

Daidoji Ekiken was a bushi and Harrier of the Crane Clan who was crude, impolite, and foolish. [1]

Fall from Grace Edit

Ekiken showed tremendous promise as a courtier, and he was sent to the Doji Courtier school. During a course training in the Kakita lands he met Hida Kuoshi, an old enemy of Ekiken's older brother, Daidoji Enai. Ekiken was eager to best the Crab, but he lost control of his temper and was utterly humiliated in front of the entire delegation. [2] The once promising young bushi would have been cast out of his clan if not for the intervention of his brother. This left him to become a member of the Daidoji Harriers with no possibilty of a more prestigeous position. [1]

Daidoji Harrier Edit

Ekiken found the dishonorable work much to his liking, and during the Second Yasuki War he visited a terrible vengeance upon the Crab. The only drawback to his new life was that his brother Enai found it so distasteful. [2] Ekiken led a group of Harriers who destroyed an enemy dock using the forbidden gaijin pepper. [3]

Summoning the Great Sea Spider Edit

In 1159 Ekiken discovered a strange biwa on the beach, which communicated to him that it was linked to the Great Sea Spider's power. During the invasion of Otosan Uchi Ekiken believed that all was lost, and summoned the Kumo spider but soon lost control of it. The spider cast its foul web over Kyuden Seppun, preventing many Imperial Guardsmen from rushing to the city's defense. When Ekiken realized what was happening, he banished the beast back to the sea through the biwa. [2]

Mirumoto Ukira Edit

This year in an attempt to discredit the former Topaz Champion and current Dragon General Mirumoto Ukira in public, Ekiken insulted both Ukira's Clan and family. Ekiken however went too far, and Ukira demanded a duel. His brother Enai could not stand and let him die, and took his place in the duel. The duel was fought, and both Enai and Ukira suffered injuries. Enai's were not fatal, but Ukira was not as lucky. [1]

Enai's Murder Edit

The kumo's enemies from the Realm of Hungry Ghosts attempted to kill Ekiken to ensure the spider's imprisonment, but mistakenly killed his brother Enai instead. [2] Ekiken swore revenge. [4] His brother's foe, Hida Kuoshi, teamed up with Ekiken to find the murderers. [5]

Demeanor Shifted Edit

After the dead of his brother Ekiken modified his behaviour, and it was noticed by the people around him. [6]

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