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Daidoji Ebizo

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Daidoji Ebizo 
Daidoji Ebizo 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Keeper of Earth

Daidoji Ebizo was a bushi, scout Iron Crane, and Bounty Hunter of the Crane Clan. He was a reserved man with those of outside his family. [1] He worked with Daidoji Yuki[2]

Keeper of Earth Edit

Somehow Ebizo was appointed as the new Keeper of Earth. In 1198, only three of the Keepers still maintained their position; Masae, Tsuken and Jun'ai. Daidoji Ebizo had obtained the mantle of Keeper of Earth, while Iuchi Abodan had become the Keeper of Void. In addition, two more keepers had been appointed in Asahina Sakiko and Soshi Nikaro, Keepers of Thunder and Jade respectively. Another keeper, Kakita Hideo, was the Keeper of Obsidian. In addition, a fourth new keeper, the Keeper of Shadow, was created, although only Hideo could contact the keeper. The Keeper of Shadow was not considered a true keeper by all of the other keepers. [3]

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Preceded by:
Kaiu Sugimoto
Keeper of Earth
? - Present
Succeeded by:


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