Daidoji Aidogo 
Daidoji Aidogo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown

Daidoji Aidogo was assistant to Chisei district's governor Kakita Foruku prior to the Scorpion Coup.

Peasant Origins Edit

Aidogo was born peasant in Foruku's home province. His swordman style was affected by his many years among the commoners, and eventually Aidogo could settle a dispute bare-handed. [1]

Chisei District Edit

Aidogo was appointed as assistant to Kakita Foruku, governor of the Chisei district. Aidogo rose from a heimin brawler to political attaché, but he did not wear armor, and his kimono were tailored without sleeves, allowing everyone to see his thicked and muscled arms. His back hands were tattooed, the left with the kanji "Force", and both hands together were read as "Violence", remaining of his time as a gang member. [2]

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